Even the most minor breathing aliment can count against you in a sport where lung capacity and stamina are key to performance. The aim or Salt Therapy is to optimise your breathing removing anything that causes the flow or air to the lungs to be anyway labored. Even if each breath is 1% more laboured than it needs to be the wear down effect on stamina and performance can be significant over the course of a match, race or any exercise that requires exertion.

We have had asthmatics come to use believing that once they took their inhaler they were the same as everybody else only to return positively surprised at their increased stamina.

Clinical trials have shown Salt therapy to be successful –
  • To clear mucous from the airways thus removing the airflow obstruction
  • To enhance the mucous clearance mechanism in both asthmatic and healthy subjects
  • To maintain clear airways
  • To provide anti inflammatory effects in the whole respiratory tract
  • To reduce bronchial sensation and improve lung function
  • To help clear unwanted, inhaled particles from respiratory tract
  • As a drug free treatment for Asthma, Bronchitis ans sinusitis
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My 2011 cross country running season was continually interrupted with sinus problems and ear infections. In September 2012 the problem problem started again and after ...

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