Question: What can dry salt therapy do for your airways?

Answer: The tiny microscopic salt particles you inhale can reach the smallest part of your airways and help to:

  • Loosen phlegm and clear mucus
  • Reduce swelling and inflammation in the airways
  • Strengthen the local immune system
  • Improve lung function
  • Cleanse the respiratory system
  • Speed up the elimination of toxins

Question: How Quickly will I feel the effects ?

Answer: Depending on your respiratory discomfort, you might begin to breathe more easily during your first treatment already, and as your sessions continue you will begin to find your symptoms such as sneezing coughing and shortness of breath are alleviated and your general health and quality of life are improved. Have a look at our session estimator here – Estimated sessions per condition

Question: How safe is Salt Therapy ?

Answer: Due to the low controlled concentration of salt (15-20mg/m³) dry salt therapy is safe and side-effect-free. There is very little risk to health and you do not need a referral from your G.P. to have salt therapy.  Fully qualilfied and trained staff are on hand to answer any questions you may have.

Question: Is Salt Therapy Safe for Children ?

Answer: Salt therapy is very safe for children, in fact, children especially react very well to treatment for hay fever, bronchitis and asthma. We recommend that salt therapy sessions for children are 45 minutes long.

Question: Can Salt therapy help sports performance ? 

Answer: To perform at your best you need to ensure you’re breathing as efficiently as possible.  Salt therapy could help normalise your breathing pattern, increase your stamina and endurance, and ensure your body performs at its optimal level.