This can occur for a variety of reasons:
  • Nasal swelling, due to an infection or an allergic reaction may place pressure on the adjoining sinuses.
  • A build-up of mucus within a sinus may be to blame.
  • Occasionally a vacuum can develop in a sinus because of a swollen mucus membrane. This can cause a particularly intense pain.
Most people who experience sinusitis have more than one infected sinus at any given time, symptoms do not always indicate exactly which locations are inflamed.


Depending on which sinuses are affected and why, a sufferer will experience different symptoms of sinusitis. Early morning headache after waking is often a sign of sinus trouble. Inflammation of the frontal sinuses causes pain when the forehead is touched at the brow. The cheeks become equally sore to touch if the maxillary sinuses are inflamed. These sinuses can also cause the teeth and jawbone to ache. More generally, sinusitis can cause a range of symptoms including the following:
  • Fever
  • Tiredness
  • Night cough
  • Runny nose
  • Nasal congestion
  • Post-nasal drip


Salt Therapy can not only bring much-needed relief, but also prevent the frequent recurrence of your symptoms. Prescription drugs and inhalers may bring immediate relief, but used as a complementary treatment Salt Therapy has a lasting effect.
  • Salt kills bacteria
  • Salt Therapy widens the airways by reducing inflammation
  • Salt Therapy helps to shift retained mucus and therefore reduces the chance of infection

Salt Therapy is a clinically proven complementary natural, safe and beneficial method of treatment for every age group.

  • Clear mucus and sticky phlegm from the sinuses
  • Increase the resistance to respiratory tract diseases
  • Strengthen your immune system
  • Prolong remission times
  • Improve general health and quality of life


  • 15-20 sessions are recommended or long term results.
  • With irreversible conditions you may need to come for more sessions.
  • The sessions should be frequent; about three a week is suggested.

Most clients do 1-2 Salt Therapy courses a year. In between they might come back for some top-up sessions. Why not contact Glanmire or Grange clinics to discuss any questions you may have.