Salt Therapy

What is Salt Therapy

Breath better, feel better, perform better ..

For many years naturally occurring salt chambers have been found to be beneficial to health especially those suffering with respiratory problems. At the Salt Life Therapy clinic we produce a micro-climate better than what is found in natural salt chambers.

We start by purifying the air in a climate controlled insulated room to produce a germ free and allergen free environment. Then we fill the air with predefined concentrations of salt crystals, suited to inhale without causing side-effects. You can then sit back and relax breathing normally and enjoying the positive effects of your treatments.

Salt Therapy can be used on its own or it can be used as a complimentary treatment alongside your prescribed medications. Each climate therapy session lasts a full 60 minutes./


Our Salt Therapy Packages

We offer packages for infants, children, adults, sports people and senior citizans


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