Salt Therapy

Salt Therapy: For many years naturally occurring salt chambers have been found to be beneficial to health especially those suffering with respiratory problems.

At the Salt Life Therapy clinic we produce a micro-climate better than what is found in natural salt chambers.

We start by purifying the air in a climate controlled insulated room to produce a germ free and allergen free environment. Then we fill the air with predefined concentrations of salt crystals, suited to inhale without causing side-effects.
You can then sit back and relax breathing normally and enjoying the positive effects of your treatments.

Salt Therapy can be used on its own or it can be used as a complimentary treatment alongside your prescribed medications.

Each climate therapy session lasts a full 60 minutes.

I attended the Salt Therapy Clinic in Grange because I suffer from asthma, chest infections and severe coughing. For me it is the best treatment for my condition as I am no longer on medication, e.g.: inhalers, nebulizers or antibiotics. My quality of life is so much better; more energy, better breathing and being able to enjoy walks of up to 6kms. I am so grateful to the Salt Therapy Clinic for this and best of all it is so natural. I highly recommend it.
I have suffered from asthma and hay fever since childhood but also in 2006 I was diagnosed with Sarcoidosis in my lungs. I developed a terrible dry cough, general aches and pains wheezing and breathlessness I could hardly walk a flight of stairs. On a last visit to the consultant he wanted me to start steroids and I refused because of the horrible side effects. I spotted an article in one of the local newspapers about Salt Therapy and how it helps people with respiratory problems and decided to give it a try as an alternative to the steroid medication. The staff at the clinic was so helpful when I rang to enquire and even emailed the Doctor who set up the salt clinics to find out more about how the therapy would benefit me when I explained about the sarcoidosis. Since starting the therapy my cough has disappeared completely also no more wheezing, I sleep better and my overall health has improved. I now walk four flights of stairs to my office every morning and am back to regular exercise again. It won’t cure the illness but it has given me back a great quality of life again. I love the hour out to myself in comfortable relaxing surroundings. I intend to keep up the sessions for a very long time. It’s definitely money well spent.
My 2011 cross country running season was continually interrupted with sinus problems and ear infections. In September 2012 the problem started again and after one course of antibiotics a friend of mine recommended I try the salt life therapy clinic. After five visits the problem was completely gone. I then attended the clinic in the run up to the National Cross Country and European Cross Country as a sickness prevention method, and subsequently ran the two best races of my running career. The number one priority for all athletes in training is consistency. The salt life therapy clinic experience is relaxing, enjoyable and helps me to avoid sickness, which allows me to train consistently and perform to the best of my ability. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend the clinic to anyone.
I spent months suffering with my sinuses, I tried antibiotics, steroids and antihistamines, I tried different diets and got no major relief, and even after the first session of salt therapy it made a difference,  I have just completed 10 sessions and the pressure pain is completely lifted in my sinuses.
I suffered from severe coughing & laryngitis and after after 5 sessions this improved immensely. I haven’t anymore coughing, no hoarseness and a lot more energy. My asthma has also improved. Thank You
KAY, Cobh
Recently brought my two little girls up for treatment. My youngest little girl is 3 and suffers badly from asthma she tends to wake a lot during the night with wheezing, after one treatment I noticed a visible improvement and she slept through the night. My eldest daughter who is 5 tends to be prone to sinus congestion and generally seems to pick up a lot of coughs and colds especially in the winter months. I was extremely pleased with the results for both of them and will definitely be returning for further sessions
Found the treatment very beneficial for sports including cycling & running. Increased stamina & ease of breathing.
I would highly recommend the Clinic to anyone who has breathing problems because even after one session I noticed a huge difference in my breathing . From an Asthma sufferer for most of my adult life this has been the most beneficial .I have tried all the different therapies but this was the most successful and in such a short space of time .The staff are brilliant also and very friendly and will make you welcome and at ease from the moment you walk in the door
I find a salt therapy treatment very good, as I suffer from a sinus condition it helps clear my sinus and I have found I sleep very well on the night of my visit, I also find it very relaxing.
I have had a number of sessions since last Sept and found it cleared my lungs.Normally I would have had at least 4/5 antibiotics and steroids during the winter, but last winter I did not have need to use them. I now have a few sessions’ books for this year and hope to have the same results many thanks.
My one year old daughter had bad nasal congestion and a chesty cough which improved greatly even after the first treatment. I was delighted with the results and would recommend Salt Therapy to anybody seeking a natural alternative to over the counter medicines

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